Tech Sense Lab® - MagBack® Multimount, Magnetic Mount for Android Phones, iPhones GPS with strong Neodymium Magnets, Quick Snap® Technology. Perfect for Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi Blackberry mobile devices. Use in Car , Desk, Home etc ✔ Satisfaction

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While most mobile mounts are ugly, clunky and suck at their job. Here’s a mount that is just as beautiful as your phone, sleek, functional and simple. Put the metallic plate inside your phone case and stick the Multi Mount anywhere you want to mount your phone.  That’s it. It’s that simple. You now have a strong and secure mounting surface for your phone anywhere anytime.

Forget about complicated clamps, mechanisms, vacuum, suction and levers, this is the world’s simplest universal mobile mount. Stick the metallic plates behind your mobile case and have the wonderful feeling of surprising your friends as the phone magically snaps on the mount.

This latest mount has the same practical usability of the entire Magback Range of mounts while being their sexiest and most beautiful variant with jewelry grade plating and finishing. The polished aluminum mount comes in three beautiful colors of Gold, Rose Gold and Silver to suit whatever surface you are mounting it on.

Here’s a solution to all your phone mounting problems The MagBack Multimount Magnetic Mobile Mount. This unique two finger operation Magnetic mobile mount works by placing a Metallic Plate behind your phone, between your case and phone or behind your case.

The Super Strong 4 Neodymium Magnets in the mount then automatically grabs on to your phone even when you just bring it close. No more fiddling around with two hands and adjusting claws of the mount every time. Just bring the phone close for a perfect mount every single time.

Finally a Mount so easy that our Boss’s cute little 2 year old could use it.

  • ✔ TECH SENSE LAB MAGBACK MULTIMOUNT ✔ uses the timeless magnetic force from super strong Neodymium Magnets to mount all kinds of different smartphones. Removes the need to use clamps as with standard wireless phone holders. Simple Secure Mounting Anywhere.
  • ✔ EXTREME 3M STICKER ON THE BACK ✔ This Industrial strength 3M sticker compatible with almost any flat and smooth surface and provides quick, precision installation. Snap on to any flat surface, smooth dashboard, office desk, kitchen counter, cubicle, mirrors, bathroom doors, charging switchboards or just about anywhere. The World all around you is all FLAT, and you can mount your phone anywhere.
  • ✔ EASY TWO FINGER OPERATION ✔ The Only magnetic mount to allow for a two finger delicate touch operation. Taking the phone off the mount and putting it on is literally child's play. See the video for ideas on applications and uses, literally limitless possibilities.
  • ✔ IMPORTANT NOTE ✔ *** Magback works best with the Magnetic Plates (Included in the box) stuck on the back of your phone or kept inside a case less than 1 MM thick. It is NOT suitable for Leather wallet or other thicker style cases or for WIRELESS CHARGING.*** You can mount the plates on the back of any hard plastic case for superior mounting. Recommended weight for use in Cars max 250Grams
  • ✔ WARRANTY AND SUPPORT ✔ In the Unlikely event that you need warranty support, This product is backed by Australian Consumer Law Guarantee for being 100% Fit for Function, make sure to buy only from seller "Tech Sense Lab - India". Tech Sense Lab's legendary support team guarantees a 16 hour response time, Support Portal, Unmatched 6 + 6 Month warranty, VIP programs and much more.