Tech Sense Lab (Australia) OnePlus 5 Back Cover, Rugged Slim Armor Case, Shockproof And Easy Grip Design OnePlus 5 Case With Carbon Fiber Finish

Tech Sense Lab (Australia) OnePlus 5 Back Cover, Rugged Slim Armor Case, Shockproof And Easy Grip Design OnePlus 5 Case With Carbon Fiber Finish

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This Tech Sense Lab Slim Armor Case is designed specifically for the OnePlus 5

Product Description:
The case is made of premium long-lasting durable TPU rubberized material. The case is flexible. It wraps around closely on the contours of your mobile giving it 360⁰ protection. This case offers maximum impact protection from common accidents and protects your mobile from scratches and scuffs while keeping it looking like new. 
Precision cutouts allow you to fully access all of the phone's buttons, ports, speakers, camera, and other features and controls. 

A broken Smartphone screen is going to cost about Rs5000-8000 to replace! FOR A FRACTION OF THAT PRICE - Our ARMAGUARD Slim Armor cases will absorb almost any impact and protect your valuable phone 
MAXIMIZE YOUR RESALE VALUE - The Tech Sense Lab Cases pays for itself as the first line of line of defense from scratches and drops! 
No detail has been overlooked with this "Best-In-Class" Slim Armor Design from Tech Sense Lab - industry leader in mobile protection. If you only accept the BEST then look no further: 
• BEST Protection from Drops 
• BEST Protection from Scratches 
• BEST Way to Maximize Resale Value 
• BEST and Trendy Design 
• BEST Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty 

EXQUISITE RETAIL PACKAGE: Includes 1-Pack Armaguard Slim Armor mobile case for OnePlus 5 Mobile
About us:

This product is sold exclusively by Tech Sense Lab. Only buy from our Tech Sense Lab store to get genuine goods with unmatchable customer service.

  • WE ALL DROP IT - Life is good with a new mobile phone or tablet. But disaster is just one awkward juggle away! As we all know, life's little accidents happen. And they can happen so easily. Lets accept the fact WE ALL DROP OUR MOBILE. Sometimes its our mistake but sometimes its just......RANDOM things. Nothing hurts more than seeing your smartphone's remains splattered all over the floor after an accidental drop.
  • SAFETY FIRST : You know that awful protracted slow-mo sequence where your grip slips, your phone drops, and you just know it's going to hit that rock? The cell-phone repair industry has shown major growth over the past five years and it's no wonder. So we reckon, it's better to let a cover take the hit. Chips and scrapes and the tiniest of cracks can destroy the appearance of your beloved smartphone or, worst case, affect its functionality. Why take the chance? Get yourself protected.
  • UNIQUE SLIM CARBON FIBER DESIGN ONEPLUS 5 CASE & FULL 360⁰ PROTECTION: Slim design easily slips into pockets and purses. Military grade TPU seamlessly and precisely fits your Mobile. Exact fit ensures protection all around. The TPU is flexible and fingerprint resistant. Raised bezel lips protect your phone screen when kept face down. Non-slip TPU offers a comfortable grip; Precise buttons are easy to press, while enlarged cutouts fit most cables.
  • TAKE ON EVERY ADVENTURE WITH CONFIDENCE : The Tech Sense Lab Slim Armor OnePlus 5 back cover gets you ready to dive into your day without a second thought - just like you are. Your device is protected from a barrage of wear and tear you subject it to everyday. So go ahead - do what you do and leave the protection to us.
  • ENGINEERED TO PROTECT AND IMPRESS : Ultra stylish Slim Armor case with carbon fiber design is the result of meticulous design and rigorous testing. The Slim Armor back cover performs when it matters the most and protects your mobile against drops, falls and tumbles.