Tech Sense Lab (Australia) –Magback Magnetic  Car Phone Holder, Universal mobile mount for Dashboard/Windshield  with one Touch 360 Degree Rotating designed for all Smartphone iphone, samsung, android.

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Tech Sense Lab (Australia) –Magback Magnetic Car Phone Holder, Universal mobile mount for Dashboard/Windshield with one Touch 360 Degree Rotating designed for all Smartphone iphone, samsung, android.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee : We are so confident on the MAGBACK that we are willing to TRIPLE THE AMAZON 10 DAY CHANGE OF MIND Guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

Do you hate having to look down in the console for navigation instructions while using your phone as a navigator ? Or fiddling with messy jaws and adjusting mounts of the mechanical types and wonder WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD!!!

The MagBack Magnetic Mobile Mount is a solution to all your phone mounting problems. This unique two finger operation mount works by adding a Metallic Plate to your phone. The Super Strong 4 Neodymium Magnets in the mount then automatically grabs on to your phone even when you just bring it close. See the VIDEO

This Mount is so easy that our Boss's cute little 2 year old could use it.


  • Adjust the ball joint from side to side for a perfect viewing angle or rotate it 360 degrees from landscape to portrait.
  • The Mount comes with a Unique Washable Silicon GEL Suction cup that gives perfect Suction on any flat / smooth surface.
  • Use it in your car Dashboard, Windshield, Kitchen counter to watch receipe videos, or work desk to have an organised desk.
  • Included 2 Large Metallic plates with Original Non Residual 3M Adhesive.
  • If the base gets dirty simply Wash the gel base to restore stickiness.

? WARRANTY AND SUPPORT ? In the Unlikely event that you need warranty support, This product is backed by Australian Consumer Law Guarantee for being 100% Fit for Function, make sure to buy only from seller "Tech Sense Lab - India". Tech Sense Lab's legendary support team guarantees a 16 hour response time, Support Portal, Unmatched 6 + 6 Month warranty, VIP programs and much more.

  • LOVE YOUR MAGBACK OR YOUR MONEYBACK ✔ We love ours, and we want YOU to love YOURS as well! We offer our Magback Mobile Holder with a 100% guarantee because we truly want our customers to find value in their purchase. End up not liking your new Magback? No problem...we have you covered with our 30 days NO QUESTIONS ASKED moneyback Guarantee!
  • TECH SENSE LAB MAGBACK ✔ uses the timeless magnetic force from super strong Neodymium Magnets to mount all kinds of different smartphones & GPS accessories. Removes the need to use clamps as with standard mechanical phone holders. The Only mobile mount to allow for a two finger delicate touch operation. Taking the phone off the mount and putting it on is literally child's play. Dont believe us!!! WATCH THE VIDEO in the listing (watch on PC or Laptop)
  • EXTREME SILICON GEL SUCTION & 360° ORIENTATION ✔ This Industrial strength suction cup gel pad is compatible with almost any flat surface and provides quick, precision installation. Snap on to a windshield, dashboard, office desk, kitchen counter, plane or even a ship. Mount it to your desired orientation when following the GPS or for handsfree talking
  • PERFECT GIFT PROMOTING ROAD SAFETY ✔ Driving is a complex task. Anything that takes your mind or eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel, not only compromises your safety, but that of everyone else on the road. Practive SAFE driving and encourage others to do so. Who do you know is currently endangering his/her life and life of others?
  • IMPORTANT NOTE *** Magback works best with the Magnetic Plates stuck on the back of your phone or kept inside a case less than 1 MM thick. It is not suitable for Leather wallet or other ticker style cases. Magback is not suitable for wireless charging as the metal plate added to the back of the phone will interfere with the inductive charging(Wireless Charging).***